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Your Life Film - Frequently Asked Questions Title


Q. Can the film be about more than one of us?

A. Yes. The film can be based on a couple or a group of family members.

Q. Do we have to be 'on screen' for the Interview Film?

A. We are happy to use your voice only. We can even arrange to have an actor replace your voice, if you prefer.

Q. How long does a Your Life Film take to make?

A. There is a consultation, the filming itself and the editing process. On average it takes 4-8 weeks, but can be completed quicker on referral.

Q. How long is the completed Interview Film?

A. The final film is 30 minutes in length. They can be longer, if required.


Q. What guarantee do I have that I will be happy with the end product?

A. Throughout the process we will be liasing with you, confirming the film plan is to your wishes. You will be fully involved in the process. If you are unhappy at any point and we cannot resolve these issues, we guarantee your money back.

Q. Do I pay a deposit?

A. Following a consultation, we will require a deposit to go ahead with the project and plan the filming. The remainder will be due on completion of the project.

Q. Can I choose my own music for the film?

A. Yes. Provided we are able to obtain the relevant legal permissions, you can select your own music.

If you have any further questions, please use our Enquiry Form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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